Falcon Party Platform

Our intent is not to cover every conceivable issue important to America in our platform, rather we will cover just a few of them.  This document would require many dozens of pages if we attempted to define a position on every matter.  Our philosophy guides our view on governance and should be referred to if the subject matter in question is not addressed below.  We can also be contacted with questions regarding our stances at any time, and will attempt to respond to such inquiries in a prompt manner. 

LIFE:  The unborn are human beings.  Therefore constitutional protections of life and liberty must be applied to them.  We will forward and support legislation to give such protection to the unborn, without apology or equivocation.  In addition, Roe v. Wade was a gross miscarriage of federal judicial power and must be overturned.  Similarly, the use of human embryos in medical and other experiments must be forbidden.

TAXATION:  Unless the 16th Amendment is overturned, the federal government will continue to have the power of direct taxation on the citizenry.  And in our estimation, the chances of broad based agreement to overturn the 16th amendment are slim at best.  Therefore, in the here and now, we believe that a flat tax is far superior to the graduated income tax and corporate tax structure currently in use.  The flat tax that we will fight for is a combination of the best features from those proposed by Milton Friedman, Dick Armey and Steve Forbes.  We are not opposed to a national sales tax, one version being the FairTax, but such an endeavor must be accompanied by an elimination of the 16th amendment to prevent the possibility of future congresses straddling the nation with both an income and a sales tax.  A flat tax is more easily instituted and will still drastically reduce the size and scope of the Internal Revenue Service and force tax consultants and lawyers into a productive line of work.

LEGISLATIVE REFORM:  All proposed spending must be voted on by the Congress with full knowledge of what the money is being spent on.  Therefore, we propose to ban all use of earmarks that are not made abundantly clear ahead of the funding vote.  In addition, all earmarks and pork spending need to be placed on the congressional record website for the citizens to view prior to the congressional vote. 

We are also in favor of eliminating all non-related funds and legislation from being included in a particular bill.  For example, an item such as a minimum wage increase (which we always oppose anyway) will be prohibited from inclusion into a defense or transportation bill.  Currently, there are no restrictions on the amendment subject matter that a congressman can attach to a bill, and therefore undesirable legislation that cannot stand on its own is often inserted into an important bill as a form of legalized blackmail.

FEDERAL BUREAUCRACY REDUCTION:  We propose sweeping reductions of the federal bureaucracy.  We understand the difficult battle that lies ahead, as most departments and agencies have their patrons who will use all imaginable hyperbole to maintain the status quo.  But it must be done to return the constitutionally mandated balance of power between the people, States and the Federal government.  We propose eliminating several entire Departments, including the Departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development, Energy, and Health and Human Services.  Any important duties these Departments have (such as the DOE’s control of our nuclear R&D facilities) can be shifted over to another department. 

In addition, there are literally hundreds of agencies and bureaus that need to be eliminated.  The list is very long, but a few examples include:  The Administration for Children and Families, the African Development Council, Amtrak, the Bureau of International Labor Affairs, the Center for Nutrition Policy, The Commission on Civil Rights, the Commission on Fine Arts, the Community Development Office, the Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency, Americorps, the EEOC, FEMA, BATF, the Interagency Council on Homelessness, and the National Endowment for the Arts.  We estimate between 40% and 60% of all federal agencies, bureaus and organizations can be eliminated or consolidated.

Additionally, the regulatory regimes such as the EPA and OSHA and the NTSB should be completely restructured and moved out of the federal system.  Instead of having a very top heavy and ponderous (and expensive) bureaucracy, these and other regulatory agencies should be re-constituted in a similar fashion to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), which is a non-profit group, of mostly professional volunteers and some paid staff, that get together in sub-groups and write codebooks and white papers.  Most cities and states adopt the National Electric Code (NFPA 70) and the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101).  There is no reason that a similar non-profit organization dealing with the environment, with participation from scientists, industry professionals and advocacy groups, cannot supplant the EPA.  We even condone the necessary grant money from the Federal government to get started.

Keep in mind that every single government employee is a drain on the budget and they do not contribute to the treasury (they are paid with OUR tax dollars).  So scores of thousands of supposedly able bodied workers moving to the private sector will create quite a spike in federal tax receipts.

DEFENSE POLICY:  The United States must follow the Peace through Strength model as best espoused by Ronald Reagan.  In other words, we must maintain such a professional and lethal military to dissuade all adversaries from war, and to assure swift and uncompromising victory if they are not dissuaded.  We must increase our numbers of Army and Marine divisions.  We must increase the number of Special Forces capable of striking anywhere at any time.  We must always maintain a significant advantage in Naval and Air power, and we must become the masters of space based weaponry and never let the China-Russia alliance leapfrog our technology.  Missile defense systems, including the laser based systems, must be perfected and operational.  And we must commit to our men and women in uniform, that the rules of engagement (ROE) that we give them in any conflict will always favor their survival and assure victory.  We propose to increase the defense spending as a portion of our GDP from the current 4% to roughly 5.5%.

INTERNATIONAL TRADE:  We believe in free and fair trade between peaceful, open and democratic nations.  However, potential adversaries and known cheaters such as Communist China do not deserve to have unfettered access to our markets for a multitude of reasons.  Those reasons include their constant military and corporate espionage, the pirating of billions worth of US intellectual property including most of our software, and the fact that they use People’s Liberation Army front companies to penetrate and undercut our industrial base.  When and if China becomes a normal nation that no longer spreads its malfeasance across the globe, we will reconsider.  But until then, we propose that the United States aggressively punish their current bad practices and rescind “most favored nation” trading status.

We must remain an industrial and manufacturing power, for our long term economic and military superpower status depend upon it.   Therefore, tax incentives designed to keep industrial and high tech manufacturing and R&D on our shores are imperative.  We propose to eliminate all taxes on manufacturers that produce the majority of their products in US based factories.

The WTO must be discarded or amended.  It can never be US policy to allow a supra-national authority to have power to dictate the terms of our taxation, tariffs, incentives or domestic policy.  If the WTO can be restructured to be an advisory agency that helps facilitate free trade and lower tariffs between nations – as GATT did beforehand – fine.  But our national sovereignty to make trade decisions cannot reside with anyone other than our own elected officials who represent the citizens of the United States only.

SECOND AMENDMENT:  The 2nd Amendment is an absolute individual right.  And we will work to overturn many existing restrictions as well as prevent any new gun control legislation.  Gun smuggling in the country can be stamped out quite quickly if the focus is put on the criminal element and gangs that deal in this area instead of having bureaucrats spending time and treasure attempting to harass the average law abiding citizen.

ENTITLEMENTSSocial Security:  We believe that the promises made by our government to provide citizens with a Social Security check in retirement have been undermined by the fact they have spent every last dime of incoming FICA taxes instead of investing such funds or even placing it under the proverbial mattress.  Now, as the baby boomers have begun retiring, the system will start spending more than it collects in about a decade from now.  We must bite the bullet and place many more billions into the SS fund, “paying back” some of the monies borrowed from the supposed trust fund.  This can be paid for in part using some of the money saved from cutting large swaths of the federal bureaucracy.  In addition, and more importantly, we must phase out the system as it is structured over the next 35 years and replace it with market based, incentivized retirement system.  There are several such examples in existence, but one thing is clear, what government attempts to do can most often be accomplished far more successfully in the marketplace of ideas.

Welfare:  We believe that any federal component of the welfare system should be returned to the states, first in the form of block grants (to be phased out) but eventually in the collection of less taxes from the citizens of the states.  The states can continue to experiment how they see fit, but we do not believe the federal government has the constitutional authority to even be involved in this endeavor.

Medicare:  Unfortunately, the genie is out of the bottle and will be very difficult to put back in when it comes to the federal government paying for senior citizen healthcare.  However, some serious adjustments can be made to reduce federal involvement and expenditures.  First, the system should be restructured to shift towards only paying for catastrophic and ‘end of life’ medical expenses.  If the catastrophic expenses are covered, then private insurers can compete for supplying seniors with basic plans for checkups and broken hips and prescription drugs.  Federal tax rebates and/or credits can be given to seniors to assist them in purchasing such insurance.  This would also cut down on the number of bureaucrats needed to run this large program as many seniors would never need or use the Medicare services.

HEALTHCARE AND DISEASE:  We propose removing the federal government from involvement with the country’s healthcare systems and health insurance systems as much as possible.  The exceptions to this rule include our ongoing research into communicable and debilitating diseases and work that helps reduce the barriers and regulatory burden for affordable, private insurance and health services.

GLOBAL WARMING:  Our position is that global warming, what little actually is detected, is part of the natural planetary cycle that has been repeated many times over throughout earth’s existence.  The alarmists such as Al Gore and the people that support the theory of human causation are doing so primarily for a political agenda.  We intend to fight these charlatans and remind them that their theory is no more valid than when they were espousing catastrophic ‘global cooling’ a few short years ago.

IRAQ AND IRAN:  Our position on Iraq is in total support of President Bush’s decision to remove Saddam Hussein and his terror enabling Baathist regime from power.  Despite some serious missteps along the way, it appears that Iraq indeed has a much brighter future as an US ally in the region than it did having sons Uday and Qusay running the failed state for the next 40 years.  We support General Petraeus and his mission and will work to see it through until total victory is achieved. 

Iran is obviously working to undermine the work our soldiers are doing.  We support the destruction of training camps they use for training militants, killing or capturing their agents in Iraq, and responding to each provocation with firepower.  As far as Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, FALCON’s policy is to destroy such facilities before that happens.  If the mullahs running Iran want to be on good terms with the United States, they must halt their ambitions for nuclear weapons, stop supporting terrorists – including Hezbollah, renounce their desire to destroy Israel, and stop the flow of weapons and fighters into the Iraq theatre.  We also propose increasing support for the forces of democracy, which are alive and well, in that failed state.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: The most important tool in fighting illegal immigration is to first address our porous southern border. To that end, we support the 854 miles of double fence/border patrol road as mandated in the Secure Fence Act. We also propose an additional several hundred miles of this system into the corridors that would most likely be used as alternate smuggling routes. 

As for the illegals already in country, they must all be deported. We cannot allow our laws to be ignored and violated with impunity. We support designating a 6 to 9 month window for the illegal aliens to voluntarily leave the country. If they voluntarily leave, they may then apply for entry, visas or greencards just as any other law abiding immigrant and get in line. If instead they are apprehended after the grace period, they will be barred for 7 years from ever returning to the US to visit, and barred for life from ever receiving residence or citizenship. Additional resources and agents for the Border Patrol and ICE will be required for the next several years to handle this period of transition. Companies that continue to knowingly hire illegal workers will be severely fined and the penalties for document fraud will be prosecuted harshly.

We support ending the nonsensical “anchor baby” citizenship scam. We do not believe that it is the intent of Constitution to allow those here illegally or just visiting to be given citizenship for their child if they so happen to give birth; rather the constitutional provision is reserved for those who immigrated to our country legally.

(We will present our in depth, multi-point plan for ending illegal immigration in the coming weeks, that covers the above items in more detail as well as several other related steps that must be instituted.)

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS:  It might seem a bit odd to have a statement about this subject in our platform, but as Congressman Tom Tancredo mentioned in a recent televised debate, political correctness is a poison that far too often paralyzes the nation from taking the proper action.  When “civil rights” groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) are not exposed as the terror enabling shills that they are because we fear ‘offending’ the muslim population, we are doing a tremendous disservice to those whose job it is to root out the sleeper cells in this country.  In fact, the vast majority of US muslims do not belong to this group and do not want to see terrorism on our shores.  The truth is the truth, and while we need not be hysterical or reactionary, facing down those who attempt to build up walls of misinformation and discontent, is critical to the success of our law enforcement efforts.

Political correctness must be brushed aside as an anti-constitutional attempt at stifling free speech, ideas and actions.  The gay lobby, the ACLU, the teacher’s unions, the mainstream media, and the government itself use it to further a liberal agenda.  FALCON will not back down one inch, and we put them on notice that we fully intend to upend the houses of cards they have built using political correctness as a shield.

TERRORISM:  Islamic terrorism is a movement that must be offered no quarter.  That especially means within our shores, but also it means working with our allies to search out and destroy the purveyors of this backwards, evil ideology.  We support aggressive actions by the Central Intelligence Agency, the FBI and our military spooks to root out these individuals wherever they try to hide.  We support the utter destruction of Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and like minded groups and individuals and we support the brave Islamic people that have sided with the US in that quest.  Furthermore, our ‘human intelligence’ must continually be improved to infiltrate these organizations.  They must fear us, not the other way around.  The US will lead the fight proudly to end this latest phase of Islamic extremism.