About Falcon Party

FALCON - Fealty to America, Liberty, Conservatism, Optimism and Nobility
Who and Why

The founders of the FALCON party are a group of concerned, conservative patriots that have become dismayed with the direction that the US is traveling.  While we see many great things taking place in our country, we also see the many great challenges that have been ignored and/or exacerbated by the two major political parties.  Most of us are Reaganite conservatives.  That means that we not only see that the “government is the problem” in many cases, but that we also realize that the United States must never show weakness to our enemies. 

FALCON was created as a home for the conservative wing of the American electorate, in an attempt to become the pre-eminent conservative party (might take a little while) and to advocate for unflinching conservatism in the interim in the hopes of influencing the national dialog.

We do not require anyone wishing to join our crusade (yes, I said crusade) to give up membership in any political party or affiliation.  We only require undying love for our country and the desire to preserve its future for our posterity based on the constitutional principles on which this country was founded.

FALCON will focus on maintaining and restoring our national sovereignty, completely reworking the onerous tax code, slashing the size and scope of the federal government, building up our military manpower and modern weapon systems, defeating the Islamic jihadists, and implementing conservative solutions to our nation’s most pressing domestic problems.

Some of the issues pursued by the major parties in recent years that deserve our strongest opposition and demand an alternative party trumpeting conservative solutions include the following:

The bipartisan push for approval of the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) that would give the UN Seabed Authority jurisdiction over the world’s oceans and the power to tax.

The Kennedy-McCain-Bush Amnesty bill which would provide 20 million illegal aliens permanent resident status and a path to citizenship for a nominal fee (not to mention the nomination by the GOP of one of its architects).

The continued refusal by both parties to fundamentally address the looming Social Security and Medicare crises. 

The bipartisan effort to add a prescription drug entitlement to an already teetering Medicare system.

The Republican efforts to grow the Department of Education in both size and scope.

The Democrats efforts to treat the captured terrorists as if they were simply ordinary scofflaws deserving full constitutional protections.

The inability of either party to make any substantial effort to rewrite the tax code and send thousands of IRS employees back to the private sector.

Billions of our tax dollars being spent to support less than fruitful efforts to fight AIDS in Africa.

A State Department that seems to have the majority of its employees still singing from the Madeline Albright songbook.

Political correctness being unchallenged in our media, schools and government agencies themselves.

The embracing of by far the biggest fraud in many years - global warming.

It is for these reasons, and many more that we will do our very best to offer a better way forward.  A way forward rooted in our constitution and founders’ intent, faith in our Creator, timeless conservative principles, capitalism and freedom.  Please join us in the journey.  It should be rewarding and enjoyable, and the stakes could not be higher.

Thank you.

Alexander J. Madison