FALCON – Fealty to America, Liberty, Conservatism, Optimism and Nobility



The US Constitution is the finest and most enlightened governing document in the history of nations.  The blessings of the Almighty were present as the men from the various former colonies crafted a system of republican rule that struck the fundamental balance between God-given individual freedoms, the autonomy of the States, and the necessity of a limited, but strong triumvirate federal government.  The FALCON party recognizes not only the brilliance of our Constitution, but also the solemn duty to abide by its provisions.  The Founders provided a mechanism to change the stipulations held within the Constitution, and the Congress, the Executive Branch, the Courts and the States can not add or subtract from it, except through the Amendment Process.

The preservation of this nation is our paramount duty.  Evil has always been and will always be.  We will allow no nation to threaten us with impunity.  Our military strength must always be capable of defeating multiple, simultaneous threats, whether those threats are from the belligerence of another nation, multiple nations allied together, terror organizations, or any combination thereof.  We shall maintain the strength sufficient for any adversary to desire peace instead of war, and to vanquish any foolish enough to choose war.  We shall strive for peaceful and cordial relationships with other nations who seek peaceful and cordial relations.  But we will never turn a blind eye to despotism, tyranny and communism and will continue to prod such regimes to offer freedom to their peoples and inspire peoples living in such states to demand it.

America is the “last, best hope” on earth, and we can never allow the Europeanization to spread to our shores.  Unfettered political correctness, socialism, militant secularism, feminism and the consolidation of power into the hands of bureaucrats have neutered most European nations to the point of impotence.  By protecting and restoring the rights of the individual and protecting and restoring the sovereignty of our nation, we intend to prevent the decline into moral and political relativism that has infected far too many nations.


We believe that the Constitution, as written and amended, is the best bulwark to guarantee our citizens’ liberty.  Unfortunately, politicians from both major parties have colluded over the decades to erode certain freedoms that are guaranteed and protected.  The perfidy includes such things as ‘handgun bans’ in cities or towns in violation of the 2nd Amendment, restrictions on free speech under the banner of ‘campaign finance reform’, judges allowing property to be seized for the sake of higher tax receipts, and the enhancement of criminal penalties via “hate crimes” legislation.  These are but a few examples of unconstitutional ‘law’ taking precedence over the supreme law, the Constitution.  Our country has a federal government created by the people and the states; and it is imperative that the proper perspective and constitutional balance be restored and the overreach fostered by each branch of the federal government be permanently reversed.

The United States of America has been the most significant and consistent facilitator of good in the world.  Not only are we blessed with a system of government that has allowed our citizens to pursue individual ambition, opportunity, and faith, we have also risen as a nation in opposition to the dark forces that have enslaved or threatened to enslave millions of humans across the globe.  Though it has never been America’s goal to be the savior of western civilization, that daunting challenge has been thrust upon us on several occasions; most recently by the rise of Islamic radicalism.  We shall defeat such radicalism and eradicate the threat it poses to the United States and our national interests.

We honor our Military personnel - past, present and future - for the sacrifices they make on our behalf.  We shall remain the land of the free and the home of the brave, because of the brave.


Only one political philosophy is compatible with the maintenance of a Constitutional Republic, and that philosophy is conservatism.  FALCON understands that “limited government” does not simply mean advocating lower taxes than what the Democrat Party proposes, but also entails a significantly smaller footprint for the necessary bureaucratic institutions, and the complete elimination of the unnecessary and unconstitutional bureaucratic institutions.  In addition, we must fight the natural urge of career politicians and political parties that deem it to be the federal government’s job to address every conceivable ill in society with more legislation.  Recent federal forays into issues ranging from steroid use in professional sports, to the sub-prime mortgage ‘crisis’, to the unprecedented wasteful spending after Hurricane Katrina, to the massive shakedown of American tobacco companies demonstrate that neither major party understands the constitutionally mandated limitations on federal power.

Our intention is to restore those limitations.  We understand that there are issues that were not foreseen and could not have been foreseen by the drafters of our Constitution.  In such cases, it is important to understand the guiding philosophy of the founders, and certainly that guiding philosophy did not include a heavy handed federal leviathan, capable of micro-managing the affairs of the people and the States. 

Conservatism is also about self preservation as a nation.  And as a party, FALCON will fight all attempts to hand authority to supra-national entities that have no constitutional basis for dictating policies of our government or inhibiting the freedoms of our citizens.  We will also fight any attempts to sign treaties that place our national interests below that of other nations.


We do not observe the existing situation in the world and within our borders and declare that everything is wonderful and heading in the right direction.  On the contrary, many situations call for an immediate course reversal.  If we did not recognize the dangers and pitfalls of past bad policies and many of the current bad policies, FALCON would not be in existence.  So why the optimism?  Our optimism comes from multiple sources, and will keep us standing and fighting for this great nation, regardless of current circumstances. 

First is our faith in the Good Lord.  The problems we face today are in most cases no worse than problems faced by our forefathers.  Yet through prayerful reflection, thanksgiving, and supplication to the Almighty, and the willingness to work hard and sacrifice, they made it through the challenges they faced.  So we move forward knowing that God is not only just, but also favors those who stand against evil.

The American people have shown through their actions, time and again, that tough obstacles can indeed be overcome when the outcome is in the balance.  Rugged individualism is one of the hallmarks of the American character and when such rugged individuals are presented with the facts of a dire situation, they will work together to steer a new course, then go about their lives when the work is done. 

Finally, we draw optimism from the notion that conservatism itself is always the better option for governance.  And to that end, we intend to cut through the media noise and political party rhetoric and take our case straight to the American citizenry, and leave the bitterness, obfuscations and timidity to the current political powers.


The nobility we refer to is not that of historical European society or birthright, where the elite, the powerful, and the wealthy were given the reigns power.  Rather we refer to the nobility as defined by doing things which are noble in purpose, character, spirit and moral standing.  The founding of our nation was a noble endeavor.  Our growth from 13 colonies to the most prosperous and free nation on earth was a noble endeavor.  And our task at hand, to purge the creeping socialism and to re-energize the people to demand a truer path of conservatism and constitutionalism is a noble endeavor.

Many examples of the nobility of the American statesman have been recorded, from George Washington to George Walker Bush, but we reprint this from Benjamin Franklin at the 1787 Constitutional Convention as one of our favorites, from the man dubbed “The First American”:

“In this situation of this Assembly, groping as it were in the dark to find political truth, and scarce able to distinguish it when presented to us, how has it happened, Sir, that we have not hitherto once thought of humbly applying to the Father of lights to illuminate our understandings? In the beginning of the Contest with G. Britain, when we were sensible of danger we had daily prayer in this room for the divine protection.- Our prayers, Sir, were heard, & they were graciously answered. All of us who were engaged in the struggle must have observed frequent instances of a superintending providence in our favor. To that kind providence we owe this happy opportunity of consulting in peace on the means of establishing our future national felicity. And have we now forgotten that powerful friend? or do we imagine that we no longer need his assistance? I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth- that God Governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid? We have been assured, Sir, in the sacred writings, that “except the Lord build the House they labour in vain that build it.” I firmly believe this; and I also believe that without his concurring aid we shall succeed in this political building no better, than the Builders of Babel: We shall be divided by our little partial local interests; our projects will be confounded, and we ourselves shall become a reproach and bye word down to future ages. And what is worse, mankind may hereafter from this unfortunate instance, despair of establishing Governments by Human wisdom and leave it to chance, war and conquest.

I therefore beg leave to move-that henceforth prayers imploring the assistance of Heaven, and its blessings on our deliberations, be held in this Assembly every morning before we proceed to business, and that one or more of the Clergy of this City be requested to officiate in that Service.” 


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51 Responses to “FALCON – Fealty to America, Liberty, Conservatism, Optimism and Nobility”

  1. ALS Says:

    Finally, a party I could support. By these instruments may freedom reign.

  2. KLoving Says:

    This is a platform I can FULLY suport! I do not have to comprmise or “overlook” part of it I can STAND on it!! I am honored to be a new member! Gone forever will be the days of suporting “the lessor of two lessors”!

    Kevin Loving

  3. Lea O Says:


    A philosophy and a platform designed to restore our Constitutional Republic! Just when I thought it was too late. Thank you!

  4. ajmadison Says:

    Well, Kevin, welcome to the fight.

  5. kidd Says:

    I’m in 100% agreement with the platform.

  6. RMS941 Says:

    Welcome Kidd to the Falcon Party. As we build up a base of like minded conservatives please tell your friends amd associates about us.
    With your help we can take this nation back.
    Thank you Sir.

  7. harvey Says:

    ajmadison I’m happy to see you and the others here are taking the fight to reform our existing out of control Government. I hope you are extremely successful.
    I look forward to helping you if I can at promoting conservative ideas and values.
    If you and others here would like to exchange ideas come over and visit us at
    The American Conservative Party
    Please don’t think I’m trying to sabotage your efforts here. I think what you guys
    are doing here is great.

  8. Downer Says:

    I’m in with the platform and principles. Tired of GOP. I’ll be back and forth with you and the American Conservative Party sites. Glad to see a new Conservative movement and new options to the GOP.

  9. RMS941 Says:

    Welocme Harvey and Downer to the Falcon Party. Glad you droped by. As we build up a base of like minded conservatives please tell your friends amd associates about us. We need all conservatives to help with this project.
    With your help we can take this nation back.

  10. Pixie Says:

    Hi Russell! Hi AJMadison!

    The Philosophy as written is right on!


  11. John Leland 1789 Says:

    What may we briefly say are the differences between the Falcon Party and the Constitution Party?

  12. ajmadison Says:

    Welcome Pixie. We will be moving forward with spreading the word about Falcon in the very near future. Stay tuned.


  13. ajmadison Says:

    Hello John. The most obvious deviation with the Constitution Party is in our view on the war against the islamists. Everything I’ve read lately from the CP seems to not comprehend the need we had to topple Saddam and establish an allied nation in the wake. They are scarcely different than the libertarian party in this regard.

    Other differences include the fact that the CP claims to be a Biblically based party. We certainly give praise and thanksgiving to God here, but we do not pretend that the constitution was primarily a Biblically based document. While certainly the founders were mostly men of great faith, the influences for the document they created had numerous sources, and the structure of our government was not Biblically derived.

    In matters of taxation, the CP wants to return to a excise taxes and tariffs. We do not.

    We are also more aggressive in our call to descope the federal government leviathan.

    Those are a few of the issues that separate us.


  14. Lynn Says:

    Great philosophy and terrific platform!
    Thank you for starting the FALCON Party.

    How can we help?

  15. RMS941 Says:

    Welcome to the Falcon Party Lynn we are glad to have you.

    Ever since President Ronald Reagan departed from Washington, there has been no candidate capable of effectively employing the first strategy (true conservatism). The results have been many years of policy inaction, fiddling while Washington burns.

    As ajm said “In forming a new party, we have no intention of creating a refuge for fringe thinkers, disgruntled defeatists, vengeful has-bens, or self pitying ‘victims’. This will be the party of fearlessness and bold ideas for the future; but one consistently anchored in the wisdom of the ages, the understanding of man’s nature, and the constraints of our founding documents. We will draw inspiration and ideas and self discipline from sources both ancient and new: from Plato, St. Augustine, Charlemagne and Da Vinci to Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, and Ben Franklin to Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan, and many others”.

    So as we build up a base of like minded conservatives, we will then be asking folks if they would like to participate in various brainstorming projects to get our party launched in the states, to contribute to position papers, Etc.

    Tell your friends and associates about us. And we’ll begin the fight to take this country back. We need your help.
    Thanks much.
    RMS941 Admin

  16. Spadata Says:

    Looking for a conservative home in Arkansas ?
    I will volunteer *Arkansas Conservative Action Network* for your center of operations in Arkansas!

  17. Windflier Says:


    I want to thank you for taking the responsibility to create the FALCON party. A party consisting of patriotic Americans, who believe that the answers to our difficulties can be found in the directions of our Founders, is perhaps the most important thing that is (and has been) required to steer this nation back onto its correct and destined course.

    I arrived here from a post on FreeRepublic, and fully expect thousands of like-minded FReepers to show up here soon. Judging from the tone of every conservative forum I visit, something like the FALCON party is desperately needed and wanted by millions of American patriots.

    I’ve already pasted your “An Invitation to a New American Revolution” into emails and sent it out to my email list with the link back here.

    It’s my hope, that by putting all those angst-ridden soul’s shoulders to the same wheel, that we will actually move our country back to the original intents of its Founders.

    Thank you again, and I am glad to be with you.

    Ronnie Bell
    aka Windflier

  18. ajmadison Says:

    SPadata, thank you for your ‘ACAN’ help going forward. THe most important thing we can do right now is spread the message of our existence, and our seriousness, as far and wide as possible. We are going to send this letter out to many in the blogosphere and into the conservative media outlets, but please forward to all you know and that way we can build up a base of volunteers and enthusiasts over the coming months.

    Keep in touch. We are creating a master email list, so you will hear when we have additions to teh website and other activity.

  19. ajmadison Says:

    Ronnie, thanks so much for stopping by. What looked possible as recently as 1994 for the GOP to be - a conservative party- has been laid to rest. We look forward to working with you going forward. We are light on bureaucracy here, so it makes it easy to communicate. Right now, the name of the game is spreading our message across the USA. Stay in touch. You can also email me or the webmaster at our yahoo accounts. Cheers.

  20. junkman Says:

    I’m feeling a bit more optimistic now. Let’s find a candidate and roll over those mugwumps on the Hill.

  21. Crim Says:

    Alexander…the more I read…the more I like…

    I’ve been holding my nose for too long…

    While GW has the view on islamic terror right…many of his other domestic policies simply boggle the logical mind…

    I’m never sorry I voted for him…as the need for him to be there in the counter islamic struggle is clear.

    But what the GOP has offered up as a “conservative” now has gone beyond the pale…

    The CP party loses me for the points you have stated…

    The libertarians , while many are noble in spirit ,are riddled with radicals and many who cannot claim to be conservative in any fashion…

    Ron Paul?….he’s simply a loon….his stated foriegn policy alone is national suicide…

    I feel that I am finally home…

    Thank you sir.

  22. tim55 Says:

    I feel that any “Party” that wants to return to the values of our forefathers is on the only track to the survival of the United States of America…..Thank you for the creation, I will support in any way I can.

  23. ajmadison Says:

    Spadata, do you have any connections into the Arkansas Republican Assembly? We need to get our face and name in front of those guys.

  24. ajmadison Says:

    Junkman, I’ve heard of Heffalumps but never mugwumps.

  25. ajmadison Says:

    Crim, I like President Bush a heckuva lot more than McCain. But neither is a fiscal conservative, and neither has done the conservative movement any good.

  26. ajmadison Says:

    Thank you Tim55. We will need every voice available.

  27. Synovio Says:

    I found this site yesterday, and after reading about it, I came to realize that this was exactly what I and many other Americans have been waiting a long time to see.
    I find myself in total agreement with the mission of FALCON. The belief/notion that our nation’s charter was assisted by a supreme authority was indeed the mainstay of the founding fathers - well documented in fact, and yet it is repeatedly assailed by a vast community of secular “scientists”, educators, career politicos and lawyers.

    Not too many years ago, we as a nation of diverse people both held and exhibited an inherent pride and affection for our Constitution and the remembrance of those noble souls who risked all, and gave all, to uplift our nation and to ensure our survival. But these days, we find our basic individual freedoms under assault from within. We stood by and watched as the bar has been lowered time and again by our elected officials in the Congress. They appear to have the binoculars reversed, concentrating on punishing honest and law-abiding citizens with noxious statutes that threaten our liberty, as is the case with our 2nd amendment. Thousands of laws have been passed infringing on our lawful rights, while gangsters from all over the world sneak past our borders to shoot up our streets - unfettered by any laws of substance. Some of our cities can now be likened to the “Tombstone” of Wyatt Earp’s day..many shootings from illegal firearms wielded by criminals are no longer even reported..and still, there is no common sense coming from our elected officials who incessantly blame the weapons and insist that paroles be granted for felons whose police records are as lengthy as a roll of toilet paper. Does anyone think our politicians will work to reverse these trends? I see no way these types will or even can understand the genuine threats that face us as a nation of law-abiding people. They play political games when their action is urgently required. They pronulgate ridiculous and insignificant legislation so as to “appear” to be doing meanigful work for their constituents, but we know the deal. Remove their golden parachutes and put em’ all on the thin ice of the Socialist Security System where they belong!
    They point out the inhumanity of water-boarding and call our honored active duty troops engaged in a conflict they themselves authorized - “NAZIs” and “Thugs” on the very floor of our nation’s Congress while ignoring the merciless head-cutting of innocent people by our sworn enemies. They sell our country out to foreign and special interest groups ad-nauseum - and they get away with it - time and again.

    I thought that there was no hope. In desperation, I, as many have, prayed for our nation and all of the good folks who just want to live their lives and work hard, unfettered by criminals who would brazenly take the fruits of their labor and a huge government that would callously take their money in increasing taxes, fees, fines and other forms of revenue to either stuff into their freezers or fuel socialist programs that do little or absolutely nothing for the senior, or the disabled veteran, or the hard-working citizens who provided them their lofty stations to sit and to rule over us, and to appoint their own to positions on the SJC that can’t be reversed.
    And then I saw this new FALCON party forming. As I cautiously read about it, half in hope - half in objective cynicism, I felt the fires of patriotism rekindled.
    Let’s make sure this idea thrives folks. Please see that the message gets out. Spread the word..and stand by when the liberal media outlets get wind of it. They will happily join forces with their cronies from every quarter , likely referring to FALCON as a “Flash in the pan”..passing it off at first to avoid its exposure, and when it gains traction, they will set their sights upon it with an array of tactics and legal strategies to neuter it before it blossoms into a serious movement.
    We must remain focused and alert. We should remember the “Sons of Liberty” who in their time, met under penalty of death to throw off the yokes of tyranny imposed upon them by a distant and offensive authority. They took a stand for the idea of liberty and justice before a Constitution was even drawn. It will be easier for us, as we have the instrument in our grasp. We have the solemn duty to protect and defend it. The sacrifice of those who stand now and those who stood before, demand this of us. If we don’t try, if we don’t do all we can to unseat the abominable opportunists in power at the ballot box and maintain our nation and its Constitution - the finest example of liberty in world history, then we can’t be worthy of it.

  28. ajmadison Says:

    Synovio. Nice screed. People are fired up. We will have to work our tails off to prove the cynics and critics wrong. It is difficult to imagine that the palpable hunger for genuine conservatism will be stopped if enough patriots decide enough is enough.

  29. tim55 Says:

    How about creating a plan to get us the hell out of the United Nations?

  30. ajmadison Says:

    Tim55, you can tell that FALCON has tremendous disregard for the UN by reading about us. We will treat the UN with the ‘respect’ it deserves, and we will fight to chop off its many useless and counterproductive tentacles, as well as substantially defund it. It will continue to exist, and US participation with it should be severely limited. Besides, NY could use some new condominium space for development.

  31. GodBlessRonaldReagan Says:

    Count me in! It is SO refreshing to see solid conservative principles supported unabashedly and unashamed.

  32. ajmadison Says:

    GBRR, We draw much inspiration from the man your screen name is honoring.

  33. ryan71 Says:

    I’m onboard with this platform, 100%.

    I predict after the coming election, Falcon membership will skyrocket.

  34. Has the Falcon Hatched? « The Xenohistorian Weblog Says:

    […] Well, last week I found a group forming called the Falcon Party.  Falcon stands for “Fealty to America, Liberty, Conservatism, Optimism and Nobility,”and while they share the emphasis on the rule of law I’ve seen from the Libertarians […]

  35. ajmadison Says:

    Thank you Xeno for helping spread the word.

    I shall check out your website.


  36. ajmadison Says:

    Ryan71, thanks for commenting. We are going to be ramping up our efforts for exposure in the coming weeks.

  37. Doug Loss Says:

    I’ve known about your party from FreeRepublic postings for a couple of weeks, but I’ve just signed up. What can we all do to move this forward? Here in PA things have gotten so bad that there’s quiet talk about petitioning Congress (or the Justice Department) to enforce Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution on our state government (that’s the one that guarantees a republican form of government to each state). I’m forwarding the FALCON website to everyone I can think of, but we should have some concrete goals and action items that people can get behind when they’re newly-come and excited and energized.

  38. ajmadison Says:

    Doug, we do have a plan. But since we are a startup, all our plans hinge on getting our name and philosophy spread far and wide. The next steps this year are to start getting our party registered in states. That means state volunteers. So as people continue to pour into the website (many join without public comment) we will soon start to introduce the same state members to each other so you can coordinate together. Another angle is to advertise in conservative publications: NRA mags, Human Events, on-line websites, etc.

    By midsummer, we will publish for members a detailed plan of attack and solicit comments and ideas as well and finalize the overall game plan. We will be flexible yet absolutely determined to see this bear fruit.

    Our country is way too damn important for us not to make it bear fruit. We’ve come to another time for choosing. And we have to decide if we are to remain a sovereign Constitutional Republic, or fade to nanny state irrelevance. Too many have fought and died for the former. We owe it to our childrens children, and to the giants whose shoulders we have stood on these past 200+ years.


  39. Doug Loss Says:

    I’m in touch with the folks at PA Clean Sweep (www.pacleansweep.com) who while not a political party do share many of your (our!) views. If you think it would be useful to form some kind of relationship with them I’ll be very happy to do what I can to foster it.

  40. ajmadison Says:

    By all means, Doug. Let them know about us.

    Hopefully sometime next week, we will have a slick, single page flyer that people can print off and distribute as well.

  41. Spacewarp Says:

    O.K. What can we do to get this party started?

    Several things I’d like to see from the website:

    1) Message boards
    2) Promotional materials we can present to potential recruits.
    3) State maps to indicate where we have a presence, including who is chairing and how to get in contact with them.
    4) A comparison between our priciples and those of the DemocratRepublicans.
    5) A link to the federal budget so people can see the monstrosity we’re facing.

    What I’d like to see from participants (and I’ll commit to doing it from my state for now until we have an actual chair for North Carolina):

    1) The laws and requirements for ballot access in the state you’re in. (Webmaster, I’m going to put them on this post for North Carolina until we have a more appropriate place for them)
    2) A list of counties (or parrishes in Louisiana) for each state
    3) In November, we’re going to have an election. We need to know which districts have unopposed elections. We need to make sure by 2010, we do not have ANY unopposed elections.
    4) A list of good radio shows local to your area. We need the names of the talk show host(s), phone #’s and e-mails.

    I may not know how to win an election yet, but it’s going to be awfully fun trying to figure out how we can.

    If we can go against the unopposed and clip off 2-3 next election cycle (as the assumption is there’s no chance running against xxx because (s)he’s always been there, but there are enough common sense people who are mad as can be that we might get 2 or 3 of them) of the usually 90-100 that run unopposed annually, we can get some federal recognition. If we can get some candidates to run state elections for state house, state senates, we can get some of the corruption out of the state levels. It’s time to wake our country back up. We’re the greatest country in the world and can no longer sit back and let these tinpot dictators who want to run our country run it into the ground anymore.


  42. Spacewarp Says:

    § 163‑96. “Political party” defined; creation of new party.

    (a) Definition. – A political party within the meaning of the election laws of this State shall be either:

    (1) Any group of voters which, at the last preceding general State election, polled for its candidate for Governor, or for presidential electors, at least two percent (2%) of the entire vote cast in the State for Governor or for presidential electors; or

    (2) Any group of voters which shall have filed with the State Board of Elections petitions for the formulation of a new political party which are signed by registered and qualified voters in this State equal in number to two percent (2%) of the total number of voters who voted in the most recent general election for Governor. Also the petition must be signed by at least 200 registered voters from each of four congressional districts in North Carolina. To be effective, the petitioners must file their petitions with the State Board of Elections before 12:00 noon on the first day of June preceding the day on which is to be held the first general State election in which the new political party desires to participate. The State Board of Elections shall forthwith determine the sufficiency of petitions filed with it and shall immediately communicate its determination to the State chairman of the proposed new political party.

    (b) Petitions for New Political Party. – Petitions for the creation of a new political party shall contain on the heading of each page of the petition in bold print or all in capital letters the words: “THE UNDERSIGNED REGISTERED VOTERS IN ____ COUNTY HEREBY PETITION FOR THE FORMATION OF A NEW POLITICAL PARTY TO BE NAMED ____ AND WHOSE STATE CHAIRMAN IS ______, RESIDING AT ______ AND WHO CAN BE REACHED BY TELEPHONE AT ____.”

    All printing required to appear on the heading of the petition shall be in type no smaller than 10 point or in all capital letters, double spaced typewriter size. In addition to the form of the petition, the organizers and petition circulators shall inform the signers of the general purpose and intent of the new party.

    The petitions must specify the name selected for the proposed political party. The State Board of Elections shall reject petitions for the formation of a new party if the name chosen contains any word that appears in the name of any existing political party recognized in this State or if, in the Board’s opinion, the name is so similar to that of an existing political party recognized in this State as to confuse or mislead the voters at an election.

    The petitions must state the name and address of the State chairman of the proposed new political party.

    (b1) Each petition shall be presented to the chairman of the board of elections of the county in which the signatures were obtained, and it shall be the chairman’s duty:

    (1) To examine the signatures on the petition and place a check mark on the petition by the name of each signer who is qualified and registered to vote in his county.

    (2) To attach to the petition his signed certificate

    a. Stating that the signatures on the petition have been checked against the registration records and

    b. Indicating the number found qualified and registered to vote in his county.

    (3) To return each petition, together with the certificate required by the preceding subdivision, to the person who presented it to him for checking.

    The group of petitioners shall submit the petitions to the chairman of the county board of elections in the county in which the signatures were obtained no later than 5:00 P.M. on the fifteenth day preceding the date the petitions are due to be filed with the State Board of Elections as provided in subsection (a)(2) of this section. Provided the petitions are timely submitted, the chairman of the county board of elections shall proceed to examine and verify the signatures under the provisions of this subsection. Verification shall be completed within two weeks from the date such petitions are presented.

    In other words, the general requirements are as follows….

    1) We have to have somewhere north of 69900 signatures on petitions.
    2) We have to have at least 200 from 4 of the congressional districts.
    3) We have to have a state Chairman
    4) We have to have all this done by May 16, 2010 to be eligible to be on the ballot in North Carolina.

    There are states where we’re going to have to work hard to get on the ballot. In North Carolina, working hard doesn’t begin to describe what we’re going to have to accomplish. It’s the 3rd hardest (some say hardest due to the ingrained emotions in this state) to get ballot access.


  43. smoface Says:

    I was thinking of cutting my wrists, but maybe now I don’t have to. I just found you so I will read to catch up.

  44. Conservative Jack Says:

    Good morning, All;

    I am new to the Falcon Party but have been looking for an alternative to the Dems/GOP for years. There is NO difference between them in my mind anymore.

    I live in central Ohio. Like Doug in PA, Ohio has the same problems 2 party problems. What can I do to help get the Falcon Party visible and ‘defined’ in Ohio?

  45. ajmadison Says:

    Thanks Spacewarp, for you post.


  46. ajmadison Says:

    Welcome smoface. No need to cut your wrists. America is still the greatest place on earth. But to maintain that, we can no longer rely on the GOP and their headlong plunge into a party of ‘moderates’. Hell, with very few exceptions, they can’t even make a stand against Algorian wetdreams about global warming. FALCON intends to bury that turd in Gore’s backyard.

  47. ajmadison Says:

    ConservativeJack, one way to help is to find for us the laws and rules regarding how to officially declare and register as political party in your state. We intend to gather that for all 50. Or in Obama math, all 57.


  48. laurinpenn Says:

    I have been looking for a political home. This platform fits my beliefs exactly. I want the GOP to return home to their roots, but I might be waiting until I am old and gray.

  49. Spacewarp Says:

    Will we be able to get things going before the great American Experiment collapses under the socialist agendas both the “main” parties have been pushing??

  50. peasantrock Says:

    Right back to the left/right paradigm we all know & love! I honestly don’t know who would be worst for this Country, Obama or McCain? In fact that’s our major problem, they give us 2 of their best puppets & let us fight over them like one’s better than the other. The thing I love the most is when I hear things like vote or die & how they make us feel like we’re really choosing our leader! We choose from who they’ve given us not who we’ve chosen. Obama & McCain will play ball that’s the only reason they were running to begin with! At this point in history the U.S. Government has reached far out of its bounds & it has somehow made the People think that that’s lawful, What’s happening here? Are you afraid to do what it takes to take back the Country before it’s to late? Our rights are supposed to be virtually limitless unlike the Governments, who’s power is suppose to be very limited. Our individual power is great when practiced it’s just the fact that most Americans these days don’t understand their moral & political obligations! When we say “No Bailouts” we mean no bailouts! When we say let our guns alone, we mean let our guns alone! Will it have to come down to another Revolution or civil war before we wake up to what we’re losing? This is not a lie, this is not a drill, this is not a test, this is real & it’s getting more real everyday!

  51. peasantrock Says:

    To the People of America, today is a new day like no other, a time when EVERYTHING we stand for & hold dear is at steak! Not because of Terrorist, not because of bankers, not because of our Government, but because we’ve let go of what is rightfully ours (America). We have allowed the Banker & Government to walk right over us. We’ve been ignorantly sleeping while wicked men have have treaded on our rights, our Constitution, our Nation & our Nations Values!?! WAKE UP!!! Take your Arms to the streets, don’t allow the Police or Military to silence your protest’s, this is your Country, those are your Streets & further more remember that the people who are trying to silence us work for us! Let every Cop & every Soldier who would stand against the American People know that they either do what’s right by their Country & their Neighbors, or they will be dealt with according to the action they have taken against their Country & Neighbors! Stop paying your unlawful taxes, don’t let them tell you when or how you can pray, stop letting them drug your children so they can remain in school, stop paying the huge fines they expect from you when you open your own business, don’t stop at sobriety check points, don’t pee in that cup, don’t give up your guns & most important, don’t let them take your Liberty! Everything I just mentioned are illegal acts that the U.S. Government has preformed on it’s Citizens. Take a stand or lose it all!

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