Damn Right Americans are Pissed Off – And Here’s Why!!

BY; Alexander J. Madison

The mainstream media (MSM) and their Democrat allies have been busy decrying the anger they “see” at Tea Parties, townhall meetings, and on talk radio for well over a year now. Lately, they have ratcheted up the coverage of these “angry mobs”, even going so far as trotting out Bill ‘Blue Dress’ Clinton to revive his 1995 role of blaming the “harsh rhetoric” from the right for Timothy McViegh’s evil deed in Oklahoma City. The media reports of right wing danger have become so frequent (and similar) in the last fortnight, it almost seems as if Rahm Emanuel sent out talking points to all of the MSM reporters. Phantom charges of racism, homophobia, spitting, inciting gun violence, death threats, undermining the government, etc are usually snugged into to the coverage to give the appearance that the right has become unhinged.

It’s failing, of course. Never mind that Americans remember the breathless, glowing, solidarity-inspired news coverage of the anti-Bush, anti-war rallies from the left, with their ‘anarchist’ elements bricking windows and fighting the police a few short years ago. Never mind that when a Tea Party or gun rights group comes to town, they are courteous to the police, obey the restrictions, clean up after themselves and generally behave like model citizens. It’s failing because more and more Americans – Democrats, Republicans, 3rd partiers, and independents alike – agree with the message that these newly minted protesters are conveying.

And despite the fact that virtually no violence can be tracked back to the Tea Party movement, the media is correct about one thing: We are pissed off. Very, very pissed off. And this tea has been brewing for a long time!

We are PO’d because we see the blatant double standard the media uses in assigning ill-intent to the right wing, while telling us the anarchist, communist inspired, dope pedaling, Che-loving leftists are exercising the highest form of patriotism when they trash the National Mall.

We are PO’d because the MSM is literally in bed with the Democrat Party. Every tax cut is derided as hurting the poor, but every tax increase – which actually DOES hurt the poor – is treated as absolutely essential. Every aging hippie who puts cow shit on the Virgin Mary or takes pictures of naked men fondling one another is exercising constitutionally protected free speech (Art = speech, who knew?) and cannot be taken off the public dole, while those of us who demand that local and federal tyrants keep their paws off of the 2nd Amendment are treated as enemies of civilization. Each time a celebrity or politician comes out of the closet to announce his or her homosexual tendencies to the world, they are portrayed as a courageous and admirable individual, while a person who disavows their previously gay & promiscuous lifestyle is shunned as a menace to society and recommended for psychiatric evaluation. (So much for pro-choice, huh?)

We are PO’d because we see that a semi-retarded, slothful, piss-poor ‘doctor’ and jihadist was allowed by politically correct capons to continue his job in the US Army, even getting a promotion, despite exchanging pleasantries with foreign terrorists and islamic radicals; until he finally accomplished his mission to kill some infidels at Fort Hood. At the same time we see three courageous, patriotic Navy SEALs brought up for Court Martial for punching a known terrorist (who was responsible for killing, mutilating and burning Americans) after risking their lives to catch this piece of crap!!

We are PO’d because we are being called racists for opposing Mr. Obama’s agenda, but Obama is deemed to be ‘post-racial’ and even handed despite spending 20 years of his adult life listening to the most disgusting black racist preacher espouse racist Black Liberation Theology and hanging out with race baiting hustlers like Al Sharpton.

We are PO’d because we are sick and tired of the Nanny State!

Americans do not need or want to be told that their bar or restaurant that they spent their life’s energy bringing into existence cannot allow smoking, must post the ingredients of all their menu items, must restrict the use of salt in the food, must comply with affirmative action requirements, must offer “healthy choices” as determined by some nincompoop bureaucrat, must not offer ‘supersized’ meals, or must hire male waitresses!

Americans do not need or want to be told what gas mileage their cars must get, which groups they can or can’t insult or praise, or how many and what kind of firearms they can purchase. And we certainly do not want or need some limp wristed leftist politician telling us what constitutes “hate speech” so he can push his gay or racist agenda down our throats without a fight. SCREW YOU!

We are PO’d because stupid politicians, most of whom have never run a business, much less had a job outside of the government, conspire to tell small business owners what the minimum wage must be for their workers. The same politicians who are chasing and sexting unpaid interns around the Capitol in their leisure time.

We are sick and tired of the morons that run the EPA and other assorted tyrants telling the States and local communities where and how they must build, or what to do with the ‘wetlands’ – better known as mud puddles – on their property at the cost of billions of dollars each year. They have literally stopped private developments and rendered land useless by declaring some frog, snail, or salamander as “endangered”, when it would cost 1/1000th of that amount for the EPA to hire some kids or community college to breed the damn frogs, snails and salamanders and release them back into the ‘wild’.

We are flabbergasted by the EPA assaulting all reason, science and common sense by declaring that CO2 is a pollutant that must be regulated. Huh? What’s next? Oxygen? Nitrogen? Water? What other basic building blocks of life should we pretend are harmful to our existence?

Even more flabbergasting is the fact that our government to this very day is trying to push utterly disgraced and fraudulent global warming regulations and taxes. It’s not enough that the earth has been COOLING for the past 10 years, or that the lies of the so-called scientists and Algore have been thoroughly exposed. No, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama promise they’ll force the US to meet the goals of the Copenhagen Climate Summit. We will not permit it!

We are PO’d with both private and government conscience-free, money grubbing lawyers feasting on private industries such as asbestos manufacturers, tobacco companies, and breast implant makers. All these were approved by the government for years – government also being one of their largest purchasers at times (except for maybe the implants) – and happily taxed for a steady stream of revenue. Yet, one day, America finds that the government decides it can get 10s of billions more by joining the lawsuits against these industries and extorting as much cash as they can feasibly lay their hands on. Katie bar the door if these leeches ever figure out that fluorescent light fixtures damage people’s eyesight over time or that beans contribute to global warming flatulence.

We are PO’d because our government agencies have decided that the officially declared FEDERAL HOLIDAY known as Christmas is now, more often than not, renamed as ‘Winter Holiday’ in our schools and government agencies. They ban decorations that even hint at the reason for this sacred day, yet have no problem making glowing pronouncements about the communist created bullsh*t ‘holiday’ called Kwaanza!

We are PO’d because 3 years after the American people rose up by the millions to put a dead stop to the Bush-McCain-Kennedy illegal alien amnesty plan, we are on the verge of having to fend off an even more offensive Obama-Pelosi-Reid version of amnesty. And after years of effort, conservatives finally passed legislation that would construct a fool-proof, double fence along the smuggling corridors of our southern border, only to have liberal Republicans and Democrats alike work to undermine and scuttle the legislation. Meanwhile, violence on the border has swelled to unbearable levels, with drug running gangs passing freely back and forth leaving murder and mayhem in their wake!

We are PO’d because over the demands of a very vocal American majority, the Democrats passed ObamaCare. Where, pray tell, in the Constitution of this great land does the federal government get the authority to force people to buy ANYTHING, much less health insurance? The government argues that they are doing it to save Americans money. I’m sorry, you morons, even if that were true – and it certainly IS NOT – how citizens spend their hard earned dollars is for the citizens to decide, not a group of power hungry leftwing busybodies. Busybodies whose salaries WE PAY. You work for US. Capiche?

We are PO’d because schoolchildren are being held hostage by leftwing, union ideologues, know as the National Education Association. It’s bad enough that they have re-written our history books to give more coverage to worthless communists like Malcom X than to George Washington, but they also have allowed math and reading and science standards to decay to the point where the average 5th grade class from a private school academically outperforms most public school high school freshman. Yet when exasperated parents complain, instead of getting higher standards and better teachers, they are more likely to get another round of diversity and sensitivity and gay rights indoctrination for their kids!

We are PO’d because we see billions of our dollars wasted in so-called bailouts and stimulus plans; plans where the well connected and politically correct get dollars shoveled at them and foreign entities are secretly paid off with 10s of billions of American tax dollars. We have bankruptcy laws in this country for a reason. If some investment house or bank goes tits up because of risky investments, let them go! If the CEO and his underlings break the rules, throw them in jail! The more responsible institutions can pick the bones of the failed ones. That’s how capitalism is supposed to work. It is NOT for government to decide who the winners and losers are to be in a free nation!

We are PO’d that the Democrats ran on a platform in 2008 of fiscal prudence, never missing an opportunity to highlight George Bush’s immense deficit spending. Yet once seated in power, these very same socialists managed to triple the yearly deficit in their very first year!   And instead of offering an austerity plan for the coming years, as American households have been forced to tighten their belts, they are promising more government programs and largess as far as the eye can see – most of which is blatantly unconstitutional!

And finally, we are PO’d that we appear to have an un-American Marxist sitting in the oval office. One who flies around the world apologizing for the misdeeds he perceives our nation has committed throughout history. One who backslaps and gladhands with socialist thugs like Hugo Chavez and bows down to Chinese, Russian and Arab leaders, yet treats the heads of Israel and England as if he were royalty talking to his subjects. One whose entire life has been shaped by secretive, anti-American propagandists and who can’t even produce a legitimate birth certificate or college transcript. One who claims to be a constitutional lawyer, but has set out to destroy the last vestiges of that constitution and “fundamentally transform” America.

Well, Mr. Obama., we are going to fundamentally shove your Bolshevik transformation right back up your socialist rear end. And patriotic Americans having to spend their time, energy and money to defend this nation from the path of decline and ruin you and your comrades have set her on tends to make us pretty damn angry. But it is our duty, and we will fulfill it.


Now you understand.